Deathcharge the hangman - new dark age

"The hangman emerges from a fog of transcendental death as  DEATHCHARGE  declare their arrival.  UNSEEN FORCES is proud to announce the devastating debut LP from Portland, Oregon's longest-running tribal punk anomalies.   DEATHCHARGE has lurked in the shadows of the underground in one form or another for more than a decade with few releases, little internet presence and no aspirations to conform.  This cycle of bleak end time hymns sees them marching beyond mere Discharge violence into a disorienting and absolutely oppressive realm of textured dissonance and spiritual decay. Destined to resonate with disciples of such disparate influences as early Christian Death, Killing Joke, Antisect and Amebix.  Featuring original cover art by Chanel Adair (Atrocious Madness, Lebenden Toten), UF002 is scheduled for a late summer release.  Updates and ordering info coming soon..."

As their name implies, Deathcharge — who have a Facebook page HERE , and a Myspace page HERE –began as a Discharge-inspired discore band, evolving over the years to incorporate subtler postpunk and deathrock influences. The visual presentation of the band is a mix of Batcave and DIY crust: Big, colored hair in blues, reds, and whites, a la Xmal Deustchland; mesh shirts; lipstick, white face makeup, frock coats, and fog machines; homemade banners tacked up on the stage behind the drums — and a sound that errs decidedly on the side of guitar-driven rock and roll, like Rozz Williams’ Daucus Karota project . They’re one of the most exciting bands to watch in this area of music today.

Deathcharge The Hangman - New Dark AgeDeathcharge The Hangman - New Dark AgeDeathcharge The Hangman - New Dark Age